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Lisk Mainnet Party Recap

In order to celebrate the largest update to the Lisk Mainnet in its history, as well as to showcase an overview of all the biggest protocol changes on the Lisk blockchain and to provide our community with insights into the next steps for Lisk, we organized a Lisk Mainnet Party, a fun and dynamic exclusive online event, which was livestreamed on YouTube and Crowdcast

The Lisk Mainnet Party was hosted on August 21st live from the stage in the Lisk Center Berlin, as a celebration of Lisk’s greatest achievement to date. The event started with an extensive in-depth presentation of the Lisk Mainnet migration process by Max Kordek, CEO and Co-Founder of Lisk, which covered the main changes and improvements brought by Lisk Core v3. This dynamic event was a great opportunity for the Lisk community to interact with Lisk’s Research, Development, and Marketing teams.

Once the migration block height was finally reached, Max held an informative discussion with Mona Bärenfänger (Technical Writer), Iker Alustiza (Research Scientist), Ishan Tiwari (Backend Developer), and Mitsuaki Uchimoto (Backend Developer), reflecting on the project’s major achievements, exchanging behind-the-scenes stories, and discussing relevant insights into their individual journeys.

After the waiting period for the 201 blocks was over, the snapshot was successfully taken, and the Lisk Mainnet was migrated; then Monica Tartau, Marketing Lead, was invited on stage to discuss this outstanding achievement for Lisk. Monica answered questions from the community regarding the upcoming marketing plans and announced the 10 meme contests winners.

The Lisk Mainnet Party was concluded after Max’s live AMA covering the successful Lisk Mainnet migration, the future of Lisk, and the plans for the upcoming months. 

Outlook: What’s coming next?

The successful migration of the Lisk Mainnet v2 marks the end of the “Emerald” phase, and the beginning of the “Sapphire” phase on our Roadmap

With all the above-mentioned improvements in the protocol and code base, the new Lisk Mainnet v3 is perfectly prepared to integrate Lisk’s interoperability solution, which was presented to the public for the first time at Lisk.js this summer. The interoperability is the final key feature missing, which will allow blockchain applications to register as a sidechain. This enables them to interact with the Lisk ecosystem, consisting of the Lisk Mainchain and all other connected sidechains.

Development Focus: Lisk Interoperability

The planning and development of the next major release of the Lisk SDK (v6) and subsequently of Lisk Core (v4) is already progressing at full speed. The release of Lisk Core v4 will bring Lisk’s interoperability solution to the Lisk Mainnet. The current progress can be viewed in real time by following the corresponding projects in our GitHub repositories:


To summarize, we are delighted to finally present the new Lisk Mainnet v3 and all of its above-mentioned features and improvements, which we have been working diligently on for the last three years. It has been a massive and complex task, which successfully resulted in the culmination and inclusion of all these new features into one major and comprehensive migration of the Lisk Mainchain, to reduce the number of hardforks required in the network. Now, it is possible to take advantage of all the next-generation features that you have been waiting for. 

However, rest assured this is just the beginning. The Lisk SDK can already be classed as a radiant gem, nevertheless, it will continue to be improved and enhanced. With Lisk Interoperability coming, we are just one step away from having one of the most advanced and scalable blockchain interoperability solutions that exists today.

We want to thank everyone who accompanied us during this exciting journey to bring Lisk to the next level. Firstly, our dedicated Lisk community, which is always supportive and helpful and continues to inspire us to improve further. Without your support, this would not have been possible. It has been extremely motivating to see how community members have utilized the Lisk SDK to realize a variety of innovative projects and ideas, including the building of websites with useful services for the community; and the continual engagement in the Lisk.chat, together with offering support to other community members. Finally, we also want to thank our community moderators and the community squad for providing us with outstanding support and constructive feedback. We are eternally grateful to have such an active and supportive community, and look forward to continuing to provide support as the community expands and grows further.


Enjoy the new Lisk Mainnet everyone!

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