Israel’s new president will receive an NFT of the presidential oath

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The Israeli parliament has issued an NFT of the original draft of the presidential oath, which will be given to incoming President Isaac Herzog ahead of his inauguration. Unlike, say, the U.S. president, the role of president in Israel is more of a ceremonial position with the purpose of keeping the country unified.

According to local reports, the speaker of the Knesset — Israel’s governing body — will hand the president-elect both a physical copy of the oath and an NFT representing it.

“I am thrilled to present the President-elect Herzog with a special memory from his father that includes the wording of the oath he signed 38 years ago,” said Knesset Speaker Michael Levy, according to the report. 

The original oath was signed by Herzog’s father Chaim Herzog on May 5, 1983. It states the names of his parents, while pledging to be faithful to the State of Israel and to fulfil his role as president.

The idea behind the NFT was that it would be a merging of the past and the present, combining a historical oath with modern technology.

The president-elect will look after the NFT during his time in office and it will be kept in cold storage, on a crypto hardware wallet disconnected from the internet.

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