Binance picks 100 artists to spearhead launch of NFT marketplace

Jun 7, 2021 | The Block News | 0 comments


Crypto exchange Binance has handpicked 100 artists who will be able to sell their NFT artworks during the launch of the exchange’s upcoming NFT marketplace, it announced today.

After the marketplace launches on June 24, only these creators will be able to sell their artworks for the first week. Anyone with a Binance account will be able to access the marketplace to buy and resell NFTs.

NFTs are collectibles that exist on the blockchain and represent digital items like photos, videos and audio. 

“NFTs are helping artists secure their work and giving them new creative perspectives no matter the medium they were initially working with, in my case – skin. I’m glad to work with Binance NFT for my NFT release,” said tattoo artist Johnny Gloom, who is one of the ‘100 Creators’. “It has been a very interesting experience as a tattoo artist, working essentially in the tangible world and on people’s bodies, to now present my work in a digital way.”

The exchange announced the marketplace in late April, saying the platform will have two main features, namely trading and premium events. The latter will enable creators to showcase and auction off their work. Binance previously said it would take home 10% of the profits made during the events, with the rest going to the creators.

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