Robinhood and Burger King are Giving Away Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Want a side of Doge with your burger? In what may be the biggest crypto sweepstakes of its kind, fast food giant Burger King will give away a Dogecoin—or a Bitcoin or Ethereum to a lucky few—to those who spend $5 at its stores or in its app through November 21st.

Robinhood, the stock and crypto buying app popular with younger investors, will deliver the prizes. Those who wish to enter must join Burger King’s rewards program, known as Royal Perks, and then redeem an email code they receive after making a purchase.

Earning a Dogecoin will hardly be a life-changer since the Shiba Inu-themed token is currently trading for around 30 cents. But winning a Bitcoin or Ethereum, worth around $60,000 and $4,200 respectively, very well could be—though the odds of doing so are fairly low.

Burger King is giving away a total of 20 Bitcoins, and the sweepstakes rules peg the odds of winning one at 1 in 100,000. In the case of Ethereum, there are 200 tokens up for grabs with a 1 in 10,000 chance of nabbing one. (Those who don’t win a Bitcoin or Ethereum are guaranteed a Dogecoin—2 million are available).

While this is hardly the first crypto-based promotion—Coinbase conducted a $1.2 million Dogecoin sweepstakes last summer—Burger King’s involvement means it’s likely the biggest of its kind.

According to Robinhood Crypto COO Christine Brown, the company paired up with Burger King in part because the fast giant’s brand is “fun and playful” and, like Robinhood, “leans into meme culture.”

In an interview Decrypt, Brown added that Robinhood is viewing the promotion as an opportunity to get a broader segment of the population to interact with crypto, including those who might otherwise be unfamiliar or intimated by it.

Since the crypto giveaway counts as a sweepstake, the companies are obligated by law to let people enter without making a purchase—a legal quirk that has created headaches for Coinbase. The crypto giant is currently facing a class action suit from those who said it failed to adequately disclose the no-purchase option.

Those who want to enter the promotion without buying anything can do so by sending an old-time snail mail entry to Burger King. The contest is open to anyone over 18 anywhere in the U.S. except Hawaii, Nevada or Arkansas.

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