‘No loss’ lottery protocol PoolTogether among most utilized protocols in DeFi: Messari

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Since launching its V3 iteration in October, PoolTogether has paid out more than $750,000 in risk-free lottery returns.

Data published by crypto analytics provider Messari indicates that PoolTogether’s V3 no-risk lottery platform has amassed more than 6,000 users since launching in October.

Messari asserts that PoolTogether’s user base ranks it “one of the most utilized protocols” in DeFi excluding decentralized exchanges.

In a separate report published on March 23, Messari notes PoolTogether V3 has amassed a $134 million TVL since launching incentives for liquidity providers, ranking the platform as the 30th-largest DeFI protocol above Hegic and PieDAO. 

PoolTogether offers risk-free stablecoin lotteries by using ticket-buyers’ and liquidity providers’ capital to generate interest using decentralized lending protocols. The winner of a lottery collects the majority of accrued interest, with several runner-ups also typically receiving a smaller share of the yield. All other participants are refunded in full.

According to Dune Analytics, 4,593 accounts currently hold tickets for PoolTogether’s next lottery.

Messari estimates that recent weekly grand prize pool payouts have ranged from $60,000 and $90,000, with PoolTogether having paid more than $750,000 in cumulative prizes since launch.

PoolTogether V3 cumulative prize payouts: Messari

PoolTogether V3 currently maintains a 5% reserve rate on interest accrued from pooled funds to grow its balance sheet. However, a governance proposal advocating the protocol increase its reserve rate to 50% was published on PoolTogether’s forum on March 20.

The proposal notes that liquidity providers currently earn APYs of between 30% and 40%, estimating that “the funds they supply to the interest pool are only earning 8-15% for the prize.”

By increasing the reserve rate, the proposal’s author believes PoolTogether will be able to “support high prizes into the future if whales withdraw liquidity.”

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