Spellfire Creates 100 Rare NFT Cards to Sell on OpenSea

Nov 2, 2021 | Bitcoin News | 0 comments


The first limited edition of Spellfire NFT cards has already reached the shelves of OpenSea. Spellfire NFTs have a unique mix of capabilities and cannot be compared to anything else on the market. A new conception has combined time-tested gaming and modern twists to have a unique collecting experience of virtual and physical assets generating a lifetime revenue, plus a great time playing a beloved fantasy game.

Is the team good at what they do?

  • Spellfire has gained top investors within a few hours.
  • The physical game is ~70% done.
  • 20+ people focused on the game, creating the new Spellfire world for almost 4 years.
  • More than 100 newly created cards are already selling at OpenSea.
  • The digital game is rapidly growing on Unity.
  • Augmented reality cards in the app show their moves.
  • New characters, realms, and event cards join the game every day.
  • Discord and Telegram communities are buzzing.
  • Headlines at BitcoinNews, Dappradar, Zycrypto, AMBcrypto, and many more.
  • The story of Spellfire lays slowly in the pages of a novel.
  • Multilingual plans for local communities taking form.

Yes, they are good.

Why buy NFTs for players?

NFT cards are investment + play = Play-To-Earn. You will have the same card as physical and digital assets. After the game cards are ready, you will claim your bought NFTs and will get the physical cards to the home/tournament play. The same card is played online and offline, no need to pay any extra to enjoy both.

The money you have paid for NFT will generate revenue. You will get 90% from the sales of your card copies, which will be issued as simple playing cards.

Why did the team go with NFTs in Spellfire?

Spellfire needs to boom the market. Showing the great game in a totally different light, including new approaches, is making a hit in all media headlines: first-ever, a pioneer, a concept never seen before!

Join rare Spellfire NFTs sale. Grab them. Drive the game back to the hearts of card collectors, back to tables, and newly build the play on PC’s and mobiles.

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