Playboy Collaborates With Superrare Launching the Miami Beach NFT Collection

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The publicly listed and iconic lifestyle company Playboy has announced the entertainment firm has collaborated with the non-fungible token (NFT) digital art marketplace Superrare. The Playboy NFTs expand upon an exhibit showcased to thousands of visitors at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami.

Playboy’s New Collection of NFTs Includes Heritage Photograph Print

Playboy (Nasdaq: PLBY) has announced the company is collaborating with the NFT digital art marketplace Superrare in order to showcase and sell a collection of NFTs. The collection Playboy published on Friday, includes works by Jon Noorlander and MBSJQ, Ayla El-Moussa, and REK0DE. Furthermore, the works include the original heritage photograph that stems directly from the Playboy Archives.

The Miami Beach NFT Collection produced by Playboy and various artists.

The original heritage photograph features a water-skiing Playboy Bunny Kathy at the Miami Playboy Club in 1970. Moreover, the Playboy heritage NFT buyer will also get a framed limited-edition print of the water-skiing Playboy Bunny photo. The Playboy collection is being auctioned today and once a minimum reserve is met, it will trigger a 24-hour auction. The Playboy NFT auction coincides with Decentraland’s Art Week.

“For the past 67 years, Playboy has provided a platform for artists, writers, and photographers to express themselves with total freedom,” the Miami Beach Collection description says. “From Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí to Keith Haring and Andy Warhol to Kinuko Kraft and LeRoy Neiman, Playboy has served as a creative incubator for some of the world’s most legendary artists long before they became household names.”

“We’re honored to join the Superrare community, and so excited to present our first collaboration during Decentraland Art Week,” Rachel Webber, the chief brand officer at Playboy said in a statement. “We’ve long admired Superrare’s curatorial vision and are thrilled to continue Playboy’s legacy as a curator of artistic expression on the platform. We also want to say a huge thank you to the always inspiring and innovative Decentraland team for inviting us to participate in their second inaugural art festival, and for their ongoing creative collaboration.”

Playboy’s Miami Beach Collection Coincides With Decentraland Art Week

Decentraland is no stranger to the Playboy brand as the company “made a huge splash in Decentraland in May,” according to Decentraland Foundation member Sam Hamilton. Playboy’s first-ever NFT collection was called “Liquid Summer.” The collection featured a shared vision stemming from Slimesunday and Playboy. At that time, Playboy commended cryptocurrency solutions and non-fungible token assets.

“Crypto and NFTs: these are the new frontiers of creative expression and cultural engagement, where the artistic artifacts of our collective past meet the next generation technology of the blockchain,” Playboy said at the time. “For nearly 70 years, Playboy has worked to challenge the status quo and push society forward.”

What do you think about Playboy’s Miami Beach Collection hosted on Superrare? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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