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Key Bitcoin options ‘fear’ indicator reflects traders’ regulatory concerns

On Tuesday, SEC Chair Gary Gensler re-confirmed his plan to crack down on cryptocurrencies, and traders’ regulatory concerns are confirmed by this key Bitcoin futures and options indicator. After 46 consecutive days of trading above $42,000, Bitcoin (BTC) price...

Gemini to launch Bitcoin cashback rewards on Mastercard credit card

The exchange will offer up to 3% cashback in the form of cryptocurrency for users of its upcoming Mastercard credit card. New York cryptocurrency exchange Gemini announced on Tuesday the pending release of the Gemini Credit Card, which will allow cryptocurrency...

DeFi tokens book double-digit gains after Bitcoin rallies above $39,000

AMP, XVS and RSR price saw strong breakouts after a short squeeze sent Bitcoin price within a hair of the $40,000 level. A renewed sense of optimism has returned to the cryptocurrency ecosystem on July 26 as Bitcoin’s (BTC) recovery above $38,900 has sparked a...

MicroStrategy buys more bitcoin for $489 million in cash

Software company MicroStrategy announced Monday that it had bought an additional 13,005 bitcoins for around $489 million in cash. The average purchase price per bitcoin was $37,617, said MicroStrategy. The price of bitcoin has fallen sharply over the past few days,...

Unsure about buying the dip? This key trading indicator makes it easier

Knowing how to spot market reversals and when to buy the dip is nearly impossible, but the RSI indicator can help. When an asset enters a bear phase and the headlines are negative, analysts project further downside, and the sentiment shifts from optimism to pure gloom...

Bytetree Founder Believes Grayscale Should Lower Its ‘Unrealistically High’ Fee: Warns of Possible ‘Systemic Risk’

The founder of Bytetree Asset Management, Charlie Morris, has suggested the reduction of the GBTC management fee as one way Grayscale Investment can ease the current selling pressure and possibly reduce the discount on the shares. Morris says if no action is taken,...
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Major Crypto Exchanges Cut Ties With Chinese Users After China’s Latest Crackdown on Cryptocurrency

Major cryptocurrency exchanges are cutting ties with users in China following the latest crypto crackdown announcement by the Chinese government. Huobi has stopped letting new users in China sign up for its services while Binance has blocked account registrations...

Price analysis 9/27: BTC, ETH, ADA, BNB, XRP, SOL, DOT, DOGE, AVAX, LUNA

Bitcoin and most major altcoins have recovered from last week’s sell-off, but they are still facing selling at higher levels, suggesting that the market could remain range-bound for a few days. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) recovered a large part of the losses that...

Morgan Stanley doubles exposure to Bitcoin through Grayscale shares

The investment firm has increased its shares of GBTC by more than 105% since April. Major U.S. investment bank Morgan Stanley has more than doubled its shares of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust since April.According to a report from the U.S. Securities and Exchange...

Analyst says $42K must hold to keep Bitcoin price from sweeping its swing low

Bitcoin needs to hold $42,000 or it risks sliding as low as $32,000, according to crypto trader Eric Krown. Bitcoin bulls continued to battle with bears near the $43,000 support level on Sept. 27 as China’s crackdown on all things cryptocurrency put a halt to last...

Alibaba says it will block sales of cryptocurrency mining equipment starting next month

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba said Monday that, beginning on October 8, it will halt the sales of cryptocurrency mining equipment on its platform. Per a rule announcement, Alibaba cited recent pronouncements from China's central bank and other oversight bodies in...

SEC levies charges against alleged ‘meme stock’ wash traders

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged two men with allegedly wash trading meme stocks to take advantage of rebate programs. At the start of 2021, certain unlikely stocks went gangbusters when online communities identified that Wall Street...

Nobody Knows Who Controls the Keys to El Salvador’s Bitcoin: BlockBank Exec

El Salvador officially recognized Bitcoin as legal tender earlier this month, but many questions remain unanswered, including one all important question for security purposes: Who controls the private keys to the country’s Bitcoin stash?  “There are so many things...

Bearish Bitcoin fractal with 78% success rate flashes as BTC drops below $43.5K

The flagship cryptocurrency closed the previous week below its 21-week exponential moving average for the 19th time in history, triggering additional selloff risks. Last week's drop in Bitcoin (BTC) that saw BTC price falling from $47,358 to $43,178 has sparked fears...

ETH developer pleads guilty for conspiracy to violate sanctions laws

The plea deal ends a nearly two-year legal battle between Griffith and U.S. prosecutors tied to a presentation the developer gave in Pyongyang. Ethereum (ETH) developer Virgil Griffith has pleaded guilty to a federal charge that he conspired with North Korea to...

Crypto baffles mainstream media, but should blockchain advocates care?

Before, it was all about crypto prices. But now, the media is “starting to explore the benefits of public blockchains and decentralization.” The relationship between crypto and mainstream media (MSM) is complex, and it’s probably fair to say that some in the crypto...

SEC levies charges against alleged ‘meme stock’ wash traders

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged two men with allegedly wash trading meme stocks to take advantage of rebate programs. At the start of 2021, certain unlikely stocks went gangbusters when online communities identified that Wall Street...

Permissioned DeFi platform Aave Arc gears up for launch

Aave Arc, a permissioned version of the popular DeFi lending platform Aave, is getting ready for its first deployment. Fireblocks, an institutional custody firm, has made a proposal to Aave's governance forum for it to be the first whitelister for when it is deployed....

Okcoin is launching SATs mode as part of wider retail push

  Okcoin, which was founded in 2013, is doing something different in a crowded field of crypto exchanges: it's going to allow clients to denominate trades in bitcoin in units of satoshi, rather than BTC.  On this episode of The Scoop, Okcoin CEO Hong Fang joined host...

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